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09 July 2020 @ 11:25 am

~only friends~

if u want to add me please send a comment or message ^^ just consider that:

I ♥ Yamapi
I am  Pri, and I love calling myself like that.
I ♥ music, music is my life so I listen to a LOT of groups,between japanese, korean, taiwanese, english and more languages, language is not a wall for me.
I ♥ dramas! I really do, so I watch japanese, korean and sometimes taiwanese dramas.

one thing, I'm not a hater ;) even if I really don't like some idols -.-

and don't forget, fandom is fun! if you want to create something not fun with fandom...  don't add me PLEASE :D

and after all, I don't write about fandom in most of my entries x)

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13 March 2012 @ 12:27 pm
so because I making this entry for all the people that wanted to know, is public, well, for now x)


until sunday morning I had the wheelchair, I just had to pick it up from Carlos's place, which is 8 block from the concert, I had the certificate to show that I can't be standing up, and ok, that day my feet was hurting and I was.. no :( plus all the people were camping, Fallito was camping, Gy(the one who bought my ticket) was going to make the line, and me? I was at my house, I called Carlos and he told me that he was going to arrive at 4(he went with his gf and her family to a club) and I was ;O; noooooo, but OK I went there... and believe me. it was hard to be all by yourself with a wheelchair o__o so he did all the hard work... believe me is HARD!in the middle I realized that I didn't have my ID with me! :( and Carlos told me that. oooops! I mean how would they believe without it, so I was OMG, I'M STUPID!! what do I have to do?... and I was.. so, I better sell my ticket? but I was crying, I didn't realize that I was crying, Carlos realize of that and he was: "Diana! calm down!! we are here ! call your mom or your brothers!", well brother didn't want to, but mom accepted ;O; so while we were looking for the line for "us" mom came *____* at the end, they didn't asked me for my health certificate, but then, some mom came to our line to yell at us .___.' for real, they started to complain why we were there, that it was unfair!, well, STUPID LADY! even if you pay the most expensive ticket and you adorable daughter camps like a week before, our zone is special, nobody can get into :') and I didn't know that -.- and I didn't know that I had to be with someone, like Gy? so... after yelling the old lady, yes I did, I told her that when her lovely daughter had the same problem as us, you will undertand, Carlos, was: "just don't pay attention" but I was ... so upset, because they were telling is "if I were your mother I wouldn't let you come" and my mom was next to her... -.-' for a moment I thought that mom would take the chair and we were leaving...

so... people were nice enough to take me inside the place! 8D omg omg!!! I was so near, like 4 meters? 3? *_____* and I met this awesome people, I mean girls who can't move without their chair, I was, WOW! I would never complain for me being in this state, they deserve the world ;O; so touched, we were talking about how people are mean with us :( and exchanging e-mails and more...


OMG such a crying baby!!! I got too excited! if you ask me what songs did they sing, I can't answer, no camera, because I I wanted to have all the attention of JYJ, rather than paying attention to the camera, OMG, the guys are beautiful!!! Yoochon was the sweetest smile that you can imagine, Junsu, OMG. btw I was at Junsu's side, and omg he does how to move his bottom xDD for real! XD I was woow, so much energy, the dancers were awesome, those 2 girls were OMG, they had this amazing great body 8D and Junsu was smiling at our side, Yoochun did smile to our zone, when one of the girls with wheelchairs was brought near them with the help of her brother, awww ;O; and he is sexy! in his solo he was touching the girls and I was ... wooow xD 

and suddenly it was over, for real people, for me it was like 10 minutes of concert! xD I was so happy :)


mom and brother pick me up... we returned the wheelchair to Carlos... we tried to take a taxi, it was expensive so we took a bus to better bus stop, some old lady kick my feet :( ugh, 

but it doesn't matter... 

I was happy, I'm happy, those girls touch my heart, also JYJ it was an amazing day, I found out that I have the best friend ever. ... and you girls, thank you! for believe that I could go ;O; you were with me all the time ;O; and that's all :) love you all!

ok if you want to ask me something in particular you can do it, I'm sure that is still in my memory but it hard to write it down x)
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07 February 2012 @ 11:15 am
volvieron mis ganas de escribir y con esto mis historias alternas, que a veces y a veces no tienen que ver con los dramas o las videos que veo.

Publiqué esto hace mucho por aquí, blog , y ahora he creado un blog publico donde cualquiera puede leer lo que pongo, sientanse libres de leer sin saber mucho del fandom, porque no es que me ponga a graficar las personalidades de los idols (eso seria imposible)  mas bien son historias de universos paralelos o inspiradas en un MV, no se si sabian, pero amo escribir, lo hice desde que tenia 15 años, y lo hago en español. 

Cada entrada que ponga por ahi también la pondré por acá, si les interesa ^^, eso o mi blog estará solito y tambien estaría bien porque es una forma de desahogar mi mente llena de historias.
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31 January 2012 @ 09:44 am
february started, well is tomorrow, but young kids, and stupid people is playing with water, basically they want that all the girl get wet, because they think is funny, for me is not, so, I can't go out even if I want, but that's OK, I barely have the mood of walking, I know I have to be positive, and what is positive is that I can watch all the dramas, read all the fics and be on twitter all the day.

I won't worry about JYJ ticket because if on March I'm still bad,  I will sell it and that's good :) 

dramas that I'm watching?

Dream high

I love Eunjung in Coffee House, even if it was a weird drama, Eunjung was perfect, and we have Suzy, and IU, so I wanted to see that drama :) second episode and I don't feel anything but be patient, maybe I get attracted with something.

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~

yeah!!! Yamapi :) baby, episode one was good :)

and I'm watching hello baby with SHINee *-* and Yoongeun *-* and still with we got married wiith Khuntoria, being honest I could finish it today, but that couple is so special, I know I'm going to cry at the end

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09 November 2011 @ 11:22 am

9 things than make you happy

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11 December 2010 @ 07:43 pm
 I'm doing an f-cut :D

so bye bye ppl who don't write comments to me~

sorry I just had to :3
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